Friday, December 28, 2012

East Coast Port Strike Averted (for now)

The negotiating parties for the Carriers and the ILA have reached an agreement this morning to extend the current contract deadline from 12/29 for an additional 30 days. The agreement to extend the deadline was reached with consideration to the fact that some local matters in Northeast ports, and the general matter of Container Royalties remain the only significant open items of negotiation.

This development will have an immediate positive effect for US exports, however the 30 day extension will still complicate planning for imports from origins with longer all-water transits such as Asia which could still be effected by the revised contract deadline date. It is expected but not confirmed that the implementation of items such as the Port Congestion surcharge shall also be shifted to meet the revised deadline.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Los Angeles Port Strike ENDED

Clerical workers and longshoremen at the nation's largest port complex will return to work Wednesday, eight days after they walked out.

Negotiators reached an agreement to end the strike late Tuesday, less than two hours after federal mediators arrived from Washington, D.C. No details about the terms of the deal were released.

The strike began Nov. 27, when 450 members of the union's local clerical workers unit walked off their jobs. The walkout quickly closed 10 of the ports' 14 terminals when some 10,000 dockworkers, members of the clerks' sister union, refused to cross picket lines.